Zapya Apk – All About Zapya App For Android

There are many apps with the help of which you can share your files from your phones to your friend’s phone. We are very much familiar with Bluetooth which we have been using for sharing files from our phone.

But as you know that Bluetooth consumes a lot of time only in sharing files from one device to another, so it is obviously better that you use an app that doesn’t consume so much of time.

As I have said, there are number of files sharing apps in the app market. Out of these apps, you can use the Zapya apk for Android phones.

zapya apk

Yes, there are also better apps for sharing files like Xender or Shareit. But after using this app personally, I must say that this app is the best file sharing app that I would recommend you to have on your phone for sharing files with other android users.

Here you will know more about the Zapya Apk for an android phone like its features and how to download and use this app on your android phone.

So if you are interested in checking out all the amazing features and steps to download Zapya apk for Android then please continue reading till the end 🙂

About Zapya apk for Android:

Zapya apk is one of the popular file sharing apps, and it has got more than 300m+ users around the world. Not only this but there are also many features of the Zapya apk for Android, and moreover, this app is available for all possible operating systems like Android, Mac, iOS and also in Windows PC but here I am just going to provide information for Android mobiles.

The most important part of this app is that you can easily share files like music, videos, photos, documents, etc. in no time. So let’s check out all those exciting features and how to use and download this Zapyaapk for your Android phone.

Best Features of Zapya app:

zapya features

Here below are all the amazing features of the Zapya app that you must know before you install and use this app on your android phone.

  1. The user interface of Zapya apk is very simple, and you can easily connect with any other device and transfer or receive files easily.
  2. With this Zapya app, you can share lots of files as there is no limit and you don’t need any cable for sharing files.
  3. The transferring speed is very good, and you can even transfer huge file like a movie from one device to another in just a minute or two.
  4. You can also do group sharing, which means you can share a file with many people at a single time with no issues.
  5. With the Zapya apk, you can share multiple types of files without any limit like you can easily share movies, docs, music, pictures, etc.
  6. The most exciting feature of the Zapya apk is that you can do cross platform sharing which means even from your Android device you can share to iOS device, Windows, etc.
  7. The QR code sharing feature of this Zapya apk makes the file sharing more simple and easy. What you are required to do is to select any file that you want to send to another device a QR code will appear on your screen, so the other device will need to scan the QR code. After scanning the QR code, the file will get shared automatically.
  8. Though, this app has some ads but you can easily remove them using Lucky Patcher.

So these are all the amazing features of the Zapya apk for an Android phone which makes its totally unique application for sharing files.

How to Download and Install Zapya apk for your Android phone:

Here below are the steps that you need to follow to download Zapya apk on your phone and use this application to share the files from your mobile to other devices. So just check out to download the file safely  on your device.

You can download the Zapya app on your phone directly from Google play store, which is the best app market for the Android phone. But if your Play store is not working well for any reason then you can also download the apk version of the app and install it easily.

Today I am going to tell you about how to download the apk file of the Zapya apk from other Android market or the official Zapya apk website.

download zapya

  • First, download the apk file from the official site of the Zapya app and then store it in your phone memory.

Download Apk

  • Now go to the partition where you have kept the downloaded apk file of the Zapya app and then click on it.
  • A pop-up notification will come up on your phone. So click on the INSTALL button to install the app on your Android phone.
  • Now agree all the terms and condition to install the Zapya app.
  • After a few moment, the app will get successfully installed on your Android phone, and you will be able to use the app.

That’s all; you need to do to download this apk on your android device.

Now that you have learned to download the apk now I will show you the procedure for how to share any file using Zapya apk with other devices.

How to Share the File by Zapya App:

1. First of all, launch the apk on your Android phone.

2. After doing the normal setup, select the file that you want to share to another device and then click on the Send button.

3. After you click on the Send button, a QR code will appear on the screen.

4. Now with the other devices, scan the QR code with the Zapya apk.

5. After you do this the file will be automatically sent to other devices successfully.

So this are all the simple steps that you need to follow to send any files or docs using the Zapya app.

This is all about the Zapya apk for android devices, which you should know before you are install it on your mobile. This app has exciting features which you will not find in any of the file sharing apps. So what are you waiting for install the app and start sharing files of any type by utilising all the exciting features.

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